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Eco-friendly cleaning helps the eco-system stay clean and safe At Planet Green Cleaning LLC we know that Portland Oregon and the northwest are the leaders in Eco-friendly and green organic living. After many years of working in Portland as house keepers for other companies, we were using many kinds of chemicals to clean  homes. We realized there had to be a better and safer way to clean. After doing some research, we found some organic, Eco-friendly cleaners that were safe and had very little or no impact on the earth and completely safe for you, your pets and our eco-system. With information in hand, we created our own business to bring Portland green, eco-friendly house keeping and give our neighbors another way to live green. Many Portland house cleaners still use harsh products with chemicals to clean your home which can leave long lasting effects on your health and the environment. We know change is hard but we only have one earth and hope to see many more Portland house cleaners go green and do their part for a better earth. Make Planet Green Cleaning LLC your choice in house cleaners and see the difference.
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